Charles Dharapak

Associated Press
Staff Photojournalist
(@Dharapak) Charles Dharapak is an Associated Press staff photojournalist based in Washington, D.C. Since 2003 he has covered the Bush and Obama White House, national politics, and the 2004, 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns. He joined the AP in 1995 as a staff photographer based in Southeast Asia. While based in Bangkok he covered the Cambodian civil war and the pro-democracy movement in Burma. He later became AP’s chief photographer and photo editor in Jakarta, Indonesia, where he covered the revolution that led to the fall of Suharto, East Timor’s independence, various communal and religious conflicts, and the rise of Muslim extremism. In 2002, he spent considerable time photographing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His work in Gaza in 2002 was recognized by the Associated Press Managing Editors, and he has received awards for his Washington political coverage from the National Press Photographers Association and the White House News Photographers Association. He was named the 2012 White House News Photographers Association Photographer of the Year and received a 2012 National Headliners Award. Dharapak was born in Brooklyn and received degrees in print journalism and economics at New York University.